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Hello, my name is Jenny!

I am an experienced & dedicated professional

hsJenny Sauer is an SAG AFTRA actress, television personality, and model with many years of experience.

Jenny Sauer has worked on several television series for Networks such as BRAVO, CBS & FOX. Jenny garnered a huge fan base after appearing on 16 Episodes of BRAVO hit television series Millionaire Matchmaker in 2011 because of her brutal honesty and comedic qualities. Other television projects include: “Underemployed,” “The Choice,” “The Mentalist,” and her first national commercial for Swiffer as the lead. She carried her first national all by herself; confidence and being timid is not in her wheelhouse.

After graduating high school, Jenny discovered her hidden talent in modeling after moving to Chicago where Jenny was discovered. Always having a keen eye for fashion since high school where Jenny was voted “Best Dressed,” fashion has always been a passion for Jenny and modeling combined the two beautifully.

Most people are not aware that Jenny was born as a third generation farm girl. Jenny Sauer grew up in the small town of Riggston, IL-a town of only seven houses. Her great grandfather started the John Deere dealership in Riggston, that is still in operation today. As a young girl Jenny helped her dad with the responsibilities of cultivating, raking hay, herding/feeding cattle, driving heavy machinery, hunting, etc. She still travels home to help on the farm

_RHP1981“I’m where I am right now because of my family’s incredible support and my stubbornness for never failing. The support of the surrounding local communities, around the area from which I was raised, has been overwhelming. There’s an expression ‘You are a Jack of all trades but a master of none,’ well, that’s just ridiculous because you can be a master of all those trades if you work at it, and that’s how I operate. I take things on that are a challenge and won’t give up until I reach my goals, end of story.” ~Jenny Sauer

Jenny Sauer is extremely proud of her Irish & German roots. Her perseverance and hard work have led to obtaining her SAG card and key connections after being in LA in less than 3 months. She studied biology at the University of Illinois in Champaign and graduated from Illinois College on the Deans list with honors in biology (BBB).

Once Jenny graduated college, she moved to Dallas to work as a personal Pilates & Spinning instructor and then obtained 19 different fitness certifications while there. She then obtained a job as a clinical researcher at the Jones Eye Institute in Little Rock, AR. After only 3 months and at the age of 24, she was published in ARVO and IOVS for her work on the project “Role of Complement Factor H (CFH) in immune evasion of uveal melanoma cells”, listed as an author on her Kent-Squires-photos2lab’s poster for FL Ophthalmology conference: “Increased Severity of Choroidal Neovascularization in Laser Treated Rats After Alcohol and Nicotine Feeding Rats,” and was a featured speaker in Ophthalmology Research Series discussing findings in the research paper: “Benefits of Using Nonpreserved Care Solutions on Silicone Hydrogel Contacts.”

A few years & a few states later (after being a fitness coordinator in Oklahoma City, OK) she decided to make the move of a lifetime to LA to purse her dreams of becoming an actress.

After being in Chicago for a couple years acting, she wrote the hilariously serious “Snickering Out Loud.” She has received rave reviews on her brutal honesty and hilarious views on her dating experiences. It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu.

Currently, Jenny moved back to Los Angeles after being in Chicago for a couple years. She’s loving Culver City and being back in the midst of everything acting.

Stay tuned for more including: Press, Video and all things Jenny Sauer. Or see more of Jenny Sauer at the Internet Movie Database and visit with Jenny Sauer on Facebook.